Road to IRONMAN Blog #17–16th October in Mallorca

This week’s training went very well, including a number of swim sessions, peaking to a 4000m distance session in just under 1.5 hrs. Importantly I booked my IRONMAN for the 16th October in Mallorca! I originally aimed to complete one earlier in the year, around August, but due to not being 2x vaccinated yet nor having a worthy purpose required to enter most countries where events were available, Mallorca was the best option to go for.

This week I took a few days off from work and had more time to do some of my training midday vs the usual choice of first thing in the morning, which made some of the sessions easier and more enjoyable. One thing I feel every now and again when I run, as I’m sure many others do, is being in a state of flow where I just feel like I can hold a fast pace and feel on top of the run, where everything just clicks. During my run around Ashton Court, with the sun out on a slightly downhill gravel section, I felt like I was tapping into this and running around a sub 7min/mile pace, (just not for very long!)

My week’s training looked like:

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: 1hr 15min turbo session on the bike.

Wednesday: 1hr run — 6.78 miles & 1hr swim with some speed drills.

Thursday: ~45min turbo training 153W avg pwr into a 1hr 30min run 10.28 miles.

Friday: rest day.

Saturday: 40min swim ~1500m into a 2hr ride 32.93 miles into a 45 min run 5.30 miles.

Sunday: 4000m swim, time 1hr 28min.

Monday: 30 min recovery swim.

Following on from Hellah Sidibe’s thoughts where he ran across the USA, I listened to another part of the Rich Roll podcast, this time talking about James Lawrence, the Iron Cowboy and his Conquer 100 challenge (100 ironman distance triathlons consecutively for 100 days) which he completed earlier in June. Whilst this is incredible in itself, to remove any form of doubt and adding one more for prosperity, James went out and completed his 101st triathlon on day 101 to prove that no matter how much you’ve pushed yourself, there’s more in the tank to give. Which I thought was pretty remarkable.

Short and simple this week with an inspiring accomplishment to end it on!

Cheers for reading,


Mid week sunset swim session



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