Road to IRONMAN Blog #19–Updates along the way

Accommodation booked, no alcohol drunk and rest week recooperation complete. This week’s training was more to aid recovery than to push forwards and that was welcomed! I also decided towards the end of August that I would probably challenge myself not to drink any alcohol in the remaining 6 week lead up to my event. Whilst it will probably help a little with recovery & sleep etc I also liked the idea of just challenging myself to do it and seeing what benefits arise. I feel like when I get too accustomed to having a beer in the evening or drinks on the weekend, it’s good to challenge myself not to do it, but mainly for the training benefit!

The highlight of the training this week was a multi-brick session on the weekend, which I tried to replicate close to an actual triathlon. I’ve done a few of these sessions before, just not quite stacking them quite as close back to back. The goal was a 40min swim, 2hr ride, 45min run. This all went very well with a nice almost 36 mile ride in 2hr 18min and 751m ascent, just surprising that it took around 12mins to go from the swim into the ride.

Halfway point, atop Cheddar Gorge on the Saturday brick session

The rest of the week looked like:

Monday: 40min swim.

Tuesday: 47min turbo training session.

Wednesday: 1hr run, 6.41miles.

Thursday: rest day.

Friday: 2500m swim, 56min.

Saturday: 40min swim, 2hr ride, 45min run, result 2000m swim, ~35miles ride(2hr 18min), 5.45miles run.

Sunday: 1hr run, 6.41miles.

What was a really awesome feeling, whilst I did my ride on Saturday, was whilst riding up to the top of Cheddar gorge which ended up being the midway/turnaround point, I just felt like I was going really well up the gorge and then coming back out of a Cheddar is a steeper and probably more demanding hill and I just had a great feeling of fitness being able to go up it, for me what felt like a pretty nice pace. I think this was the first time I’d done that climb since getting my new bike, so whether it was mainly the bike or the combination of the bike and me, but it felt great to feel the progress in ability to go up hill faster.

Super short and simple this week, onto a big 2 weeks ahead of longer training sessions, then into a 3 week taper and off we go to get the Ironman done!

Have a wicked day,




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