Road to IRONMAN Blog #20–PBing my 112 mile ride and a 20 mile run

This past weekend has been a challenging one in terms of training, with some hard sessions during the week, but very positive in terms of results. The highlights for me were a PB in my distance ran in an hour, which was 7.85 miles, hitting my PB for my 112 mile ride and following up with a sub 3hr, 20 mile run on Sunday.

The week of training was:

Monday: 45min technique focus swim, 2200m (took 57mins).

Tuesday: 1hr run, really wanted to hit 7.5 miles again, but surpassed this to get 7.85 miles.

Wednesday: 1hr swim, 2700m and a 30min recovery spin on bike.

Thursday: 1.5hr bike turbo session (I do not like this one, goes on for a while and it’s tough!) into an easy 15min run.

Friday: 30min recovery swim.

Saturday: 6hr ride. Did ~6hr 55min and hit the 112mile goal. New PB for this distance! I admit I did pause the watch a couple of times and a junction and traffic lights that were taking a while, but was minimal.

Sunday: 2hr 45min run planned. Did 2hr 56min hit 20.2 miles — so stoked on this!

In addition to this I decided that I’d upgrade some of my kit to a new wetsuit, trisuit and saddle, as the date gets nearer and my times get better, I’m starting to think more about the time that I want to get on race day. Initially as well as just finishing, I was aiming for somewhere around the 15hr mark, then I realised 14 hrs could be doable, then after getting my bike to around 7.5 hours and swim to 1.5hrs, I started to wonder if a 13hr time was doable, then what feels like a totally ridiculous time to me, and not taking transition times into account, I have been wondering if a 12hr something time is doable: 1.5hr swim, 7hr ride, 4hr run… 12.5hr…? Madness. So with this in mind and doing a mock triathlon last weekend a realising how long the T1 transition took from wetsuit to bib shorts, I thought I’d go for it and buy into the trisuit method and upgrade the wetsuit too. The saddle was just for comfort!


I’m still continuing to fundraise for my event, if you enjoy following my journey to my 1st Ironman and would like to also contribute to my fundraising goal to support MIND, I’d love your help too, please. MIND are on a mission to ensure that everyone who needs support with the mental health, gets it. Every donation is massively appreciated :) & for some context:

  • £3 could put MIND’s Find the Words guidebook in local GP surgeries, helping people to make the crucial first step of asking their doctor for support.
  • £8 could answer a call to MIND’s Infoline, providing someone with vital support and information about help in their area.
  • £21 could run MIND’s online peer support community Elefriends for an hour, helping people connect with others and feel less alone.
  • £40 — could help MIND’s Infoline answer calls, providing someone with vital support and information about help available for them.
  • £50 could help MIND campaign for better mental health services from the Government, so more people get the support they need, as soon as they need it.
  • £100 could pay the cost of one of our Infoline or Legal Line advisors for a whole day. Thanks to your gift MIND can maintain their advisors, ready to answer calls for support and help.

Cheers for reading!




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